Reporting and Communication

Activity four is the last activity which focuses on reporting and communication under this project.  One of the main focus under activity four is policy which must be pursued aggresively in order to ensure that policy makers are informed about the morama beans, its importance and its potential as one of the new emerging crops which can have an impact in the world.

Activity four partners will also ensure that all reports produced under the four activities are coordinated and submitted to SLU and SIDA during the project report submission period and that all all relevant supporting documents are enclosed together with these reports.

Another main focus of activity four is to ensure that the “” website is properly set up and that all content are prepared and uploaded unto the website. This is aimed at facilitating exchange of information not only between the consortium members but will also be a way to reach policy makers as well as the donors and other potential partners who may be interested to follow the progress of the morama beans.

Activity four is also responsible for maintaining all administrative related matters concerning this project. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Rural Women Foundation are responsible for this activity.


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