About Morama Engaged

The Morama Engaged project is a program sponsored by SIDA in collaboration with the Swedish Trade Council under its 2010-2012 partner driven collaboration. This project is currently being implemented in Botswana and Namibia in collaboration with five consortium partners.

Morama plant in the wild

The morama bean scientifically known as Tylosema Esculentum is an oilseed legume species which has important nutritional qualities and contain many phytochemicals with potential health-promoting properties.

Morama beans are nutrient dense with high levels of quality protein (30-39%) and fat up to 48%. They are also a good source of antioxidants such as tocopherols and have potential use as edible oils as they are high in oleic acid.

For many food industries, the morama bean provides golden opportunities for producing novel products for the African, Swedish and European Markets. In terms of breeding and seed producing companies, there is ample room for conducting cutting edge research. According to a recent report by Newsweek, Africa is the new Asia as middle class people demand more goods and services. Agribusiness is one of the key areas that will drive growth in Africa especially as the middle class demands more upmarket foodstuffs, and these always demand crops or animals as raw material.

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