Sustainable Production

The activities which are currently being carried out under activity one  - sustainable productions - are focused in two communities in the sand veld in Botswana (Diphuduhudu and Tsetseng) and two communities in Namibia (Aminius and Benhur).  These activities are being implemented by the Botswana College of Agriculture and the University of Namibia.


Some of the activities

Organizing community based on farm and research sites training workshops on the following topics:

  • Distribution and diversity of marama in Botswana
  • Sustainable crop production practice
  • Socio economics e.g. collection and storage, extraction of oil and other products, etc.
  • Crop protection and arthropod diversity
  • Production of manuals
  • Agronomic studies related to crop establishment, environment and habitats
  • Consultation with community heads and heads of extension services

In addition to the trainings mentioned above, morama will be planted at a community demonstration plot at Tsetseng in Botswana and observations will be made on the natural morama plot at Diphuduhudu - also in Botswana. The plants will be monitored and data collected on agronomic traits and production constraints (e.g. moisture, temperature, pests, etc). The data generated will be used as on farm training (demonstration) for other communities. Data from the two sites in Botswana will be compared and exchange visit conducted. A standardised field data collection sheet will be used to allow for data comparison for sites in Namibia where the demonstration plots will be planted later in the project phase.

The partners responsible for activity one will also carry out a study on the morama planted on community plots in Tsetseng  and that which is naturally growing at Diphuduhudu.  Observations will also be made on older plants planted at the Botswana College of Agriculture at Sebele Gaborone and at Epukiro and Okakarara in Namibia.


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