Food processing

Activity two of the morama engaged project will focus on transfer of technologies particularly to women-owned small and medium enterprises on the most innovative value-added technology applications based on the nutritional and health-promoting components and anti-nutrients of the morama bean in human diets (specifically aimed at infants, pregnant women, urban poor, elderly, HIV+ children).  This activity is being implemented by the University of Botswana and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

Some of the activities
  • Practical training workshops on the processing of the morama bean for processors and home-economists in Botswana and Namibia.
  • Development of a training manual on appropriate morama processing technologies which will include important topics such as:  post harvest handling, cracking the morama beans, processing technologies (fermentation), safety and quality, consumer acceptability and marketing strategies.
  • Development of a training manual on the manufacture of nutritious consumer acceptable food products to be used by processors, home economists, community members.
  • Video to promote morama bean production and processing.
  • Study on the effect of morama flour and freeze–thaw cycles on textural, nutritional and functional properties of morama cookies (Tumelo, Jose, Fungai).
  • Study on the sensory quality of functional beverages: bitterness perception and bitter masking of morama milk (Rosemary, Jose, Eyassu).
  • Production of scientific papers and other publications.


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